Church Notifier
Ministry and Internal Communications Made Simple!

What is Church Notifier?

Church Notifier was designed to allow your leadership to easily notify, remind, administer, reach, teach and build your congregation from anywhere at anytime using state of the art digital technology (email, text, video, audio and videoconferencing, etc.). Church Notifier promotes unity and fosters community, fellowship and ministry building amongst a church’s congregation.

Church Notifier Is Secure

Church Notifier safeguards your information giving you peace of mind on the internet. No information is ever shared, sold, or rented. We use the highest securities to protect your information.

Church Notifier Builds Fellowship

Church Notifier facilitates the uplifting and fellowship of your church's membership by offering your members the ability to see fellow members' prayer requests, birthdays, and member businesses.

Church Notifier Notifies Rapidly

Church Notifier provides rapid and reliable communication via email, text message, telephone, video, and audio and video conferencing.

Church Notifier Is One Platform

Save money, time and resources by having your leadership and membership use the Church Notifier platform to facilitate all of your church's communication needs.

System Features

  • Affordable Plan Options with Secure Access
  • No Phone Trees - Rapidly Notify Church Leadership and Membership
  • Notify Select Ministries or Groups by Video, Call, Text, Email and/or Instant Messaging
  • Send Reminders of Church Activities
  • Conference Bridging and Video Conference Support
  • Church Membership Business Directory
  • Collect Electronic Prayer Requests via Text Messaging
  • Updates to Facebook and Twitter
  • Monetary/Non-Monetary Event Registration
  • Mobile Apps for Apple, Android, and Amazon
  • Church Members Self Maintain; Minimal Church Resources Required
  • Detailed and Real Time Reporting Statistics and Feedback to Leadership
  • ....And Much, Much, More!

How it Works?

  • Your Church Signs Up
  • Your Church Promotes to Membership
  • Members Sign Up and Maintain Own Account (Leaders Can Also Upload Info)
  • Leadership/Ministry Leaders Notify Members About Anything at Anytime
  • Members Can Be Notified By Via Multiple Means (phone, text, email, IM, etc.)
  • Members Can Submit Prayer Requests
  • Members Can Access Membership Business Directory
  • Leaders Can Conduct Audio and Video Conferencing (as long as in package)
  • Leaders Can Get Real Time Reports and Feedback
  • Members Can Edit or Delete Info At Anytime
  • Members Can Connect Directly to Desired Ministries & Leaders
  • Leaders Access All Information in Real Time

Customer Testimonial

  • Now we can communicate in the church the same way we do outside of the church.
  • I have never felt more informed or connected.
  • I know more people now (in our church) than I have ever known before.
  • I didn’t know that our church had so many ministries.
  • I never knew that we had so many business owners in our church. Now we have an online directory of them.
  • We can give online whenever we want.
  • We (leadership) never knew the many occupational and spiritual gifts of our church members and now we have the ability to call on each member to assist us (occupationally and in their gifting).
  • Our members are getting to know each other- matching faces and names and we are routinely celebrating our members’ birthdays.
  • …our region has experienced severe inclement weather including…almost fifty (50) inches of snow falling in over fifteen separate snow falls. As a result, we have had numerous events cancelled and rescheduled – some on short notice. Having the ability to communicate rapidly…has been invaluable to us.
  • Our leaders have sent more than 7,200 messages to all of our congregants. ..(And have) spent over 115 hours in video conferences and over 45 hours in audio conferences doing ministry and conducting church business. .. (This has) ..allowed our congregants …to meet without having to travel in ..dangerous and inclement conditions and has also reduced the need to travel to meetings so much.
  • I was able to register for a church event by pressing a button on the app – too easy.
  • I can access church documents online and download forms when I need to.
  • As church secretary, this is the most user friendly tool that I have ever used and its made my life much easier.
  • The system is user friendly and we strongly recommend the system to other churches for effective communication with your congregation.

Multiple Plans To Fit Your Budget

We offer the following plans to support churches of every size. Included with each package is a customer service representative who will advise and assist your church with implementation support during your first month of service. Thereafter, Church Notifier provides prompt technical and customer support to both church leadership and membership. We are always here to assist in the event help is required using our service.

*Voice/SMS credits do not expire
and you have the option of purchasing
more at anytime.
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You Can Always Contact Us.

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